Sorry we were gone for some time!

Hi there, Kris here.

I just want to apologise to our regular listeners for being gone for so long, unfortunately the last 4 months for me have been… difficult, and as such my head wasn’t in the game, and absolutely not in the right place for making podcasts.

It started in October, when my hatred for my job got so bad I had no desire to do anything other than sleep, and making podcasts had become a chore, and for a hobby you don’t make (nor intend to make) any money from, that’s sub-optimal, but thankfully I started a new job in November at a much more pleasant workplace where I am happy to turn my computer on every day.

Starting a new job, however, came with a new, fresh, challenge. Up until then I had been making this podcast using my work laptop. The laptop was fast, had plenty of memory, and I hated the job, so I wasn’t really bothered if I got in trouble using the work laptop for my personal use, however, that’s not the sort of thing you do at a new job, especially one you enjoy, so I was without a laptop where I could record and edit episodes on.

Then came January, and along with it….

Yeah, I caught the dreaded Covid…. this awful virus left me without a voice for 2 weeks, and I’m still suffering nearly 2 months later with fatigue and a hoarse throat.

But, onto the good news!! We’re back (new episode coming on Tuesday when we finally get round to discussing Eurovision 1959!) and I’d like to give thanks to my friend, Asher, who had a Mac Mini that he no longer needed, and is letting me use that to make the podcast, and hopefully we’ll be able to make it better than ever before!!

So, once again, please accept my apologies, and we’ll be back in your mobile phones on Tuesday!

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