The DNQ Files – Bonus Episode 20 – Nozzy Bossy – Wellboy

This episode of the podcast is dedicated to the musical excellence sent to the contest on a yearly basis by Ukraine, a country who has always made it to the grand final. The Russian army is currently invading Ukraine, a sovereign nation under false pretences, and yet every day, Ukraine is resisting the aggressor. 

If you can financially help in any way, please visit which will point you in the direction of organisations you can make donations towards.

In this episode Kris hands over control to Matti who has been following the National Final season for the first time since becoming a fan of the contest, he shares his favourite song from the 2022 Ukranian National Final, Wellboy with Nozzy Bossy, we get sidetracked to talk about The American Song Contest and Kris attempts an American accent in what can only be a terrible step in the wrong direction for The Special Relationship.


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