Desert Island Discoteque – Pilot Episode (Kris)

Hello, Kris here!

Think About Eurovision will be returning in February after our Christmas/New Year break, however, I’ve been developing a new Eurovision podcast format in the last few months, there was an unaired pilot recorded with Matti last summer, but I was never quite happy with it (I wasn’t quite prepared as I would have liked) but please, subscribe to this Spotify Exclusive show, think of it as a radio show, rather than a podcast, per se, as it features full songs, with no discussion over the top (as we do in DNQ files).

In Desert Island Discoteque, I will be inviting Eurovision fans (and hopefully some performers) to talk about their favourite songs from Eurovision, their favourite year, and also a bonus non-Eurovision song, all of which, they’d like to take to their deserted island.

Oh, and no Euphoria (you get that as a freebie, because otherwise so many people would be choosing that, I think!)

Here is my personal 8 songs, favourite year and bonus song. And yes, it contains ska.


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