The DNQ Files – Episode 39 – The 2023 National Selection Bonanza Pt. 1

In this week’s episode we present the first of this year’s 2023 NF Bonanza DNQ Files. there’s a Three Eyed Spider, Bob Fosse Chairography, Plenty Of Doots and Microphone Bukakke, plus some bonus phone call content.

Featuring the first of 4 songs that failed to qualify:

  1. 🇧🇪 ⁠Cherine – Ca M’ennuie Pas ⁠
  2. 🇲🇩 ⁠SunStroke Project – Yummy Mummy ⁠
  3. 🇸🇲 ⁠Roy Paci – Tromba ⁠
  4. 🇪🇸 ⁠Agoney – Quiero Arder ⁠

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