The DNQ Files – Episode 40 – The 2023 National Selection Bonanza Pt. 2

In this second episode of our DNQ 2023 NF Bonanza, Chrissy makes references that are lost on her two co-hosts, Kris continues to hate on Ikke Huftgold and we all get confused with Sanremo, San Marino and Comic Sans.

  1. 🇱🇹 ⁠Ruta Mur – So Low⁠
  2. 🇩🇪 ⁠Patty Gurdy – Melodies of Hope⁠
  3. 🇮🇹 ⁠Sethu – Cause Perse⁠
  4. 🇦🇱 ⁠Elsa Lila- Evita⁠

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