The DNQ Files – Episode 42 – The 2023 National Selection Bonanza Pt. 4

Yes, we’re a bit early with this one, but time is of the essence!! In this episode of the DNQ Files, we explore our last 4 songs in our National Final Bonanza, we chill out, we rock out & we get overly excited for a key change.

Please vote for your favourite songs here – Included in this link is a recap video.

  1. 🇮🇪 ⁠Ireland – Connolly – Midnight Summer Night⁠
  2. 🇩🇰⁠ Denmark – Søren Torpegaard Lund – Lige her ⁠
  3. 🇪🇪⁠ Estonia – Ollie – Venom ⁠
  4. 🇸🇪 ⁠Sweden – Laurell Barker – Sober ⁠

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