Meet The Team


Kris, like many people, during the first lockdown bought himself a microphone with the intention of starting a podcast, but without an idea of what to make the podcast about. Thankfully the good people at Netflix helped with that, by releasing Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. With that spark, he created Think About Eurovision with Kim as a way to share his love of contest with a newbie to Eurovision, the rest as they say is history.

When not obsessing over Eurovision, Kris can also be found obsessing over combat robotics, musical theatre or drag artistry.

Kris is also a Very Average Musician, and plays ukulele, musical saw, guitar and sings. If you want a great night with Kris, take him out for good food, good drink and karaoke. You won’t regret it.

Kris can be found on Twitter at


Chrissy is a former languages teacher in high schools from the UK, but has also lived in Spain and Russia, and attended multiple Eurovision Song Contest finals in real life, including the iconic Eurovision 1997 where Dana International stole the show with her iconic number, Diva.

Chrissy also has featured on the BBC’s antiques gameshow, Bargain Hunt.


Matti is a hyper talented polymath, as an actor, tabletop games designer, writer and artist based in Canada. As well as being a member of the Think About Eurovision team, he has his solo podcast. A Canadian In Eurovision, and ranks anything and everything on his Youtube channel, Ranked.

For more information about Matti, visit his website at

See some of Matti’s art from his Human Canvas Project on Instagram


Whilst Kim may no longer be an active member of the podcast, she helped Kris in launching this podcast, and will always be a member of the team.

Through creating Think About Eurovision, Kim has learned to love the contest us European types go wild about every May,

Think About Eurovision wouldn’t be possible without the support of the following legends

  • Sara Francis – Kris’ fiancee, who very kindly stays quiet around our very creaky old house (we live in a converted church) every Sunday we record the podcast, so it doesn’t get picked up on the microphone, and has contributed some very funny remarks Kris has passed off as his own. Even though Think About Eurovision isn’t her favourite podcast. Rude.
  • Asher Baker – One of Kris’ oldest friends, who has been there in the background from the start of the podcast, helping Kris try out remote online audio recording platforms, loaned him the Mac Mini the podcast is currently edited on, and most recently even guested on an episode when Kris’ failure to plan in advance required an emergency recording session and Matti and Chrissy were otherwise engaged!
  • Jeroen and Mira of Eurovision Division Podcast – Without whom Kris would never have found himself down the slippery slope of Eurovision podcasts, and is the podcast Kris most wanted to become BFFs with when he started Think About Eurovision. He’s still not managed to make it to Belgium, so that Eurovision Podcasters date of frites seems a bit far off…