A Canadian In Eurovision – Eurovision Canada – and How It Can Succeed (With Matti In It)

You’ll have possibly picked up in the last few podcasts Matti has *cough* subtly *cough* mentioned his solo podcast, A Canadian In Eurovision, and following the announcement of Eurovision Canada, his aim is for the team behind it to see how his presence in the team, as producer, maybe? Director? Maybe even the host!? would benefit the contest!

And obviously we (Kris and Chrissy) are fully 100% behind this campaign of #MattiCanEuro!

So, subscribe to A Canadian In Eurovision, and get on Twitter and use the hashtag, #MattiCanEuro, and who knows, maybe The Internet’s Premier UK/Canadian Eurovision Podcast (shut up, who cares if we may be the only one) could be present to cover the contest from Canada itself next year!!


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